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Acrobat: British/Scandinavian contemporary organ trio from London, consisting of:


Pat Davey (UK) drums

Will Bartlett (UK/DE) hammond organ

Kristian Borring (DK/AUS) guitar

A well balanced and highly democratic unit who bring a contemporary
slant to the jazz organ combo. An absorbing album that delivers some
excellent playing from all three protagonists.. joyous, invigorating..
fluent and absorbing. They’ve been compared Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart...the world’s premier exponents of the jazz organ trio format...and it’s a comparison that suits Acrobat well.
Ian Mann

The warmth and presence of this classic line up are heard alongside new textures and stylish improvising that sets them apart from other organ trios. Formed in 2008 by Davey, Acrobat has been making their name with a busy schedule performing in London (e.g. Vortex Jazz Club, London Jazz Festival) and around clubs in the UK. They are not your traditional sounding organ trio. Their sound is modern yet soulful and with compelling grooves and melodic clarity they invite the listener inside the music. Whether dense or sparse, the harmony is progressive but the reference to the Blues is never lost. Stewing together a rhythmic pot of syncopations and different time signatures they playfully pour it over swing, samba and back­beat grooves.


Kristian Borring has been dubbed "one of the most tasteful and

accomplished guitarists on the scene" (Bebop Spoken Here) and John Fordham (The Guardian) says he has a "hyper­cool and low­key approach to jazz guitar... with warmth, confidence and a rhythmic hipness that's thoroughly contemporary". Chris Parker (London Jazz) calls Borring's compositions "immediately attractive and enduringly impressive". He is "a guitarist of enormous technical facility who always
channels his gifts tastefully and selflessly, a quiet, undemonstrative
virtuoso... awesome technique" (Ian Mann).


Pat Davey is known for being an eclectic and passionate drummer

"beautifully judged sounds from Davey" ­ John L Walters (The Guardian),

from his diverse work with swing band "King Candy and The Sugar Push",

the critically acclaimed spoken word collective "Tongue Fu" and as core

stalwart in samba band "Rhythms of The City".


Will Bartlett has been dubbed "impressive" by Jazzwise, and "an accomplished pianist, joyous, invigorating, typically fluent and absorbing" by Ian Mann. He is mostly known as the man behind the scenes, whether in his role as MD and pianist for legendary vocalist Salena Jones (US) or accompanying the

likes of Jim Mullen, Nigel Price, Matt Ford and Alan Barnes.


Collective effort is the key in Acrobat and Davey, Bartlett and Borring all contribute as composers to the group's portfolio of original music, always arranging and adjusting their material together to create a sound that is unique to the trio. This subtle, supportive interaction makes the music grow from sparse colours and intimate dialogues to rugged sounds with

electrifying solos: an evolving and involving experience. Audiences who have caught them live can account for their energetic group play and vibe.

Following up on their debut release Acrobat in 2012, Make Your Stand was recorded over two days at Steve Winwood’s legendary Cotswolds studio. They are currently planning a lengthy tour in early 2020.

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